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    • Name: DIBE

    • Quality Standards: content: 98.5%; S: 1ppm
    • Property and Purpose: diisobutyl phthalate is slightly soluble in water, and soluble in cellulose acetate, cellulose aceta

    • Name: Isooctane

    • Quality Standards: relative density (relative to water, at 20℃): 690 to 700 kg/m3; distillation range: 30 to 205, benze
    • Property and Purpose: soluble in benzene, toluene, xylene, chloroform, diethyl ether, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachlor

    • Name: LPG

    • Quality Standards: n-butane content above 99%
    • Property and Purpose: N-butane can be directly used as fuel or solvent, refrigerant and raw materials of organic synthesis

    • Name: Maleic Anhydride

    • Quality Standards: mass fraction of maleic anhydride: 99.72%; fusion colority: 15Hazen; crystallization point: 52.7℃
    • Property and Purpose: maleic anhydride (MA) is the abbreviation of maleic anhydride; mainly used for producing unsaturated

    • Name: Aviation Gasoline

    • Quality Standards: MON: 102.3 mon; content of tetraethyl lead: 0.93 g/kg; freezing point: <-70℃
    • Property and Purpose: "Guolian No. 1 (GL-1)" 100LL aviation gasoline refers to the gasoline of the specific property of s

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