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Kede Chemical to carry out 2018 annual training work optimization seminar

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  At afternoon of February 27th, 2018 Kede Chemical annual training work optimization seminar was held at conference room on the third floor, and the meeting was organized by the department of comprehensive management and chaired by Zhang Lei, general manager assistant of the company. Its aim was on how to optimize and improve company training and how to truly improve staff’s ability to perform duties and their overall quality. After nearly 2 hours of discussion, a lot of consensus on staff training was reached.

  At the meeting, heads of various departments discussed the actual existing problems of training in the January and February of 2018 and the weak links in the previous training, and successively expressed their thoughts and ideas and put forward many constructive suggestions aiming at the existing problems on how to improve training effect, mobilize employee's ability to perform duties and optimize training programs.

  Finally, Mr. Zhang Lei summed up the meeting, and affirmed the necessity and significance of it. He also required that a system and practice must be formed to integrate into Kede’s “construction of management system” , and that there should be new ideas and new models in the training work, and the training and assessment should be strengthened under the lead of departments, so as to train a group of high-quality talents with strong professional technical ability, high quality of business, high identity of enterprise culture, high conscientiousness and strong implementation capacity for the company's development.

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