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Dongying Kede Chemical to carry out supervision and audit of quality management system

Number of visits: Date:2018-2-12 10:01

  In order to keep sustained and effective operation of the quality management system, Dongying City Kede Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd. hired HXC (Beijing) Limited to carry out the annual supervision and audit of quality management system for Kede Chemical on February 8 to 10.

  The audit was the first supervision and audit of the quality management system’s first certification cycle, and was conducted according to relevant requirements of GB/T19001-2016 standards and quality management system, combined with actual situation of the work carried out by Kede Chemical. The audit covered whole process of production (within the scope of qualification) activities of the cis-butenedioic anhydride for industrial use, isooctane, and commercial propane mixture; and a total of 6 units of company's executive level, comprehensive management department, operation department one, operation department two, storage and transportation department, quality inspection center, and operation and maintenance center were involved in the audit which was carried out through sampling inspection, on-site inspection, and on-site interviews. It mainly audited the decomposition of quality objectives, measurement and assessment, document control, procurement process control and production process control, as well as the internal audit, management review, continuous improvement, corrective measures, preventive measures and so on.

  At the audit work meeting, Zhang Lei, company’s general manager assistant, made a speech and required the audit department to attach great importance to the audit work and closely cooperate with the audit team to carry out the work. He also required the internal auditors to follow the whole course of the audit and to learn the audit methods and skills from Certification Company’s auditing teachers to improve their audit level.

  Through three days of supervision and audit, the audit team pointed out two non-conformities and one item that needs to be improved according to the audit situation. Kede Chemical completed rectification of the presented non-conformities immediately, and sent the feedback to HXC Certification Company. So far, Kede Chemical’s quality management system certification materials have been submitted to HXC (Beijing) Limited for certification results.

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