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Cultural Concept

Vision: To build a professional enterprise group with strong competitiveness and industry leadership on the basis of industrial development.

  • Base on the industrial development, focus on fine chemical industry and actively combine with capital markets, to gradually establish associated concentrically-diversified business within limited fields.
  • Optimize the company’s resource allocation to ensure the subsidiaries to operate with the orientation of competitive strategy, to promote the standard operation of the holding subsidiaries and active development of specialized operation.
  • With 3 to5 years, Huaya Holding will build a professional enterprise group with strong competitiveness and industry leadership.

Enterprise Mission: to develop business, create benefits for employees, serve the society。

  • Huaya's development and growth needs the joint efforts of each Huaya person, which is also the common aspiration and the bounden duty of each Huaya person.
  • Huaya Company and each Huaya person are interdependent community of interests, Huaya Company will do all efforts to maintain and realize the legitimate rights and interests of the employees, to ensure joint efforts for development and achievement sharing together.
  • Huaya Holding promises to abide by laws and regulations, observe social morality, business ethics, accept the supervision of the government and the public, initiatively assume social responsibilities, and serve the society.

Values: realize the value of life, create social wealth, and win the respect from the society。

  • Huaya shall form a correct outlook on life, give a positive meaning of life, and actively transfer positive energy to others, enterprise and the society.
  • The primary social responsibility of Huaya Holding is to create social wealth, establish social welfare concept and contribute to the society, which is the spirit of Huaya, and what value creation relies on.

Business Philosophy: Integrity, Innovation, Elaboration and Execution.

  • "Act faithfully with a sincere heart" is the way of doing things and the root of business development of Huaya.
  • Make efforts to achieve technical innovation, system innovation and conception innovation with the creation of a "learning" enterprise as the goal.
  • Optimize the company’s workflow and implement institutionalized management and specific management responsibilities, to effectively combine the normalization and innovation management to form a unique management model specific to Huaya.
  • Effectively integrate the resources of Huaya Holding, give full play of manage synergies of Huaya Holding, and transfer the strategic planning, target tasks and work arrangement of Huaya Holding into the expected economic and social benefits according to the requirements.

Enterprise Style: dedication and diligence, united for development; pragmatism and innovation, always to be the first.

  • Cultivate the diligent and tireless work attitude of Huaya persons; actively make the employees share the fruits of development of Huaya Holding, to strengthen the professional sense of honor and happiness of all the Huaya persons.
  • Advocate the enterprising spirit and reject false and denial fantasy, and actively implement advanced management methods and skills, to establish a profit model in line with the actual situation of Huaya Holding.

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