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LOGO Interpretation

Group Company Name: Huaya. The characters "华" and "亚" both embody the culture connotation of the East and China. Therefore, the logo graphic shall show a strong style of oriental culture. Huaya Holding, as a modern management enterprise, shall take into account of the indirectness of international applications. Therefore, the conception of graphic design is: oriental culture connotation, and indirect form of internationalization.


The creativity of the logo comes from the character "亚" in seal characters of stone-drum inscriptions. The seal character "亚" shows a convergence from all directions and a centralized control from the center, thus it in line with the cohesion and operation capability of the holding company. The points in the middle are square holes in round square-hole coins, which make us associate with coins and finance. Thus, the character "亚" shows the management control capacity and capital operation capability of the modern enterprise.


The shape adopts arcs and uprising composition, to make the character "亚" more spiritually dynamic. The overall shape is like a sacrificial vessel of China - Zun (a kind of pot), showing elegance, sedateness and luxury, symbolizing genechain, lasting prosperity and millennium- aged heritage.

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