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Dongying Huaya Guolian Aviation Gasoline Co., Ltd.

I. Basic Information of the Company
  Dongying Huaya Guolian Aviation Gasoline Co., Ltd. (Guolian Aviation) is located in Blue Economic Zone, Hekou, Dongying City, Shandong Province in Yellow River Delta, and in the hinterland of China's second largest oilfield - Shengli Oilfield, adjacent to Tianjin-Beijing-Tangshan Expressway in the north, Dongying Harbor in the east, Shengli Airport in the south, with vertical and horizontal railways in the west, thus with convenient transport, good geographical location, abundant resources and beautiful environment.
  The company’s employees are 116, including 5 people with doctorate and accounting for 4%, 11 with graduate degrees and accounting for 10%. The company's assets in actual and disposal are more than 600 million Yuan. The company has an industrial isooctane production base with an annual output of 600,000 tons, and has an annual output of 100,000 tons of (GL-1) 100LL aviation gasoline. The company has become the first private enterprise entering the field of civil aviation fuel in China and issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China the qualification of civil aviation fuel producer and supplier.


II. Products of the Company

  The company's current core product is (GL-1) 100LL aviation gasoline.

(I) Superior Technology and Quality Assurance
   The company has developed Q/0503HGL-2014 Technical Standards equivalent to American ASTMD910-2014 Technical Standards for 100LL Aviation Gasoline based on the demand of the domestic market, with equal or better international technical standards as the reference and in accordance with international conventions. 

(II)Qualifications and Honors
  The (GL-1) 100LL aviation gasoline has been ranked the world's advanced level and filled the gaps in the domestic aviation fuel. The (GL-1) 100LL aviation gasoline has passed the evaluation by the Accreditation Committee of Civil Aviation Administration of China and the testing by the Testing Center of Civil Aviation Administration of China, and also passed the testing and certification by American DIXIE SERVICES INCORPORATED and the certification by American Lycoming Company. 

(III) Technical Innovation and Safety & Environment Protection
  The industrial application of (GL-1) 100LL aviation gasoline enables the gasoline safety of civil aircrafts of China to be enhanced to 100%, and the emissions influencing the environment to be significantly declined.



III. Advantages of the Company

(I) Advantage of Integration Strength
  The company’s establishment concept is: target locking, dominant coalition, solidarity and unity for development. The development and production of (GL-1) 100LL aviation gasoline must have three elements: raw materials are the basis, technologies are the key, and management is the guarantee. Based on the company's establishment concept, Huaya Guolian achieves effective integration of resources and quickly forms a joint development force. The controlling shareholder of the company is Huaya Holding Co., Ltd. who has the domestic largest industrial isooctane production base with an annual output of one million tons in Dongying of Shandong Province and provides indispensable raw materials for the company’s production of 100LL aviation gasoline. The company’s chairman Song Xuetao, young and promising, a pride of Tsinghua and an elite in Chinese businessmen, grasping the overall situation, making a good control, being good at decision making and being courageous to play, is an outstanding leading talent. The company's strategic partner, a distinguished expert invited in the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, a doctor studying in America, technical director Xu Mindi, rigorous in scientific research and getting fruitful results, provides a reliable technical support for the company's development. Zhou Huashan, the general manager and the cooperative shareholder of the company, law professor, doctor of economics, has won the first award for national scientific and technological progress in petrochemical field, and has rich experience in law and business administration. The other two cooperative shareholders of the company play an important role in different aspects for the company’s development. The effect of complementary advantages and integration of five forces is fully validated in the completion of (GL-1) 100LL aviation gasoline project.

(II) Advantage of Technical Innovation
 Science and technology are the primary productive force. Under Under the distinguished expert invited in the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, the company achieves the technical innovation of production process, establishes China's first distillation system of special features, successfully produces "pre-boiling distillate oil" and "super distillate oil" to substantially improve the quality of raw material for aviation gasoline, and effectively overcomes the bottleneck of raw material for 100LL aviation gasoline production.

(III) Advantage of Quality Control

  At the beginning, the company innovatively built a complete set of quality control system specific to Huaya Guolian under the careful guidance and strict supervision of the Accreditation Committee and the Expert Review Group of State Civil Aviation Administration. 

☆Overall Control Principles: Manage people with systems, unite hearts through culture, and determine responsibilities by laws。 

☆ Longitudinal Quality Control: Procedural management in all the levels.

☆ Transverse Quality Control: Perfect coordination in all the links.

  Procedural management is implemented for both longitudinal and transverse quality control, to regulate people with rules and norms, manage in a humane way, and unite people through corporate culture. Meanwhile, the legal responsibilities are implemented into all the links of the longitudinal and transverse quality control, to ensure standard operations in all the levels and perfect coordination in all the links, to ensure 100% qualified products delivered.

(IV) Advantage of Full Service

  The company's quality policy is: customer focus and quality first. "One-stop" full quality service is the concrete reflection of the company's quality policy. The company shall not only ensured 100% qualified products delivered but also pay attentions to the loading, transport, storage (including storage by users) and use, and provide "one-stop" full service to guide and help users for proper storage and use and ensure the safety and environmental protection of aircraft fuel.


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