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  • By 2019, the sales revenue will exceed 24 billion Yuan, of which that of the environment-friendly and high-tech chemical products accounts for 25% at least, and up to 60 billion Yuan; drive the industrial development through high technologies, to achieve the simultaneous development of "asset scale expansion and economic benefit promotion".


  • Focus on human resources and system construction, and optimize the personnel structure, with the personnel of college education accounting for 50% at least, of which those of at least undergraduate education are less than 25%; increase the introduction of high-end talents in high-tech fields of fine chemicals, international trade, capital operation, logistics and other aspects, and cultivate backbone technology leaders of different specialties in the industry; achieve the combination of "management control, efficiency and profit", and form a unique management system and profit model specific to Huaya.


  • The income of the employees continues to increase. Establish an employee safety and health protection system specific to Huaya Holding within the enterprise in conjunction with the social security system, strengthen the enterprise culture construction in Huaya Holding, and gradually increase investment in social welfare.


  • Promote the industrial development with high technologies, and complete 3 to 5 high-tech projects over the next five years; gradually form a R&D system with independent intellectual property rights, relying on at less than five national key scientific research institutes, and complemented by the introduction of foreign advanced technologies.


  • Set up Huaya Holding Finance Company, implement the strategy of "cooperation, merger and acquisition, venture capital", base on industry development, focus on the development of environment-friendly and high-tech chemical industry, to achieve efficient capital allocation and operation.

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